Sailboats and Seasalt | Florida Coastal Photographer

I don’t often post personal stories…Wait, I don’t know if I ever have. So I thought I’d show you a few people that are important to me and what we like to do. Now, this is not an average Wednesday night. Don’t think I’m that fancy. But Brett and I have been blankly chatting about getting a sailboat for a while now. Let me be frank, we have no idea how to sail such a thing. Nor do we have any idea the upkeep entailed. But nonetheless, we’ve been chatting about it. More like dreaming. I see myself napping there from time to time, sunning on the teak wood, as Brett swims and enjoys a book (probably political or an economics textbook). It seems dreamy right? So when one of our friend’s invited us for dinner on the sailboat, we obliged. Brett asked his brother and his girlfriend and we made it a date.

Let me tell you, we didn’t all plan to match, but Devin and I love black…a lot. So it happens frequently. She also loves pink (which I used to despise but it’s starting to grow on me) so we have some sort of a balance in our relationship at least. Somehow the boys were identical in their grey shorts and black V-necks, but they’re brothers so it makes sense. Anyways, lots of wind and clouds turned a hot afternoon into a chilly evening and it was wonderful. There’s something so divine about one’s hair blowing wildly without a care.

While the boys tried to light the grill, unsuccessfully due to the wind, I’m afraid, Devin and I made good use of the time and the perfectly soft light. She’s a perfect model. It was short lived as the sun set, but we laughed, spotted dolphins, took naps atop the boat, and watched as the people on shore lit paper lanterns and tossed them into the sky. ┬áThe moon was pretty spectacular that night too. It rose perfectly in all it’s brilliance from under the bridge and up into the sky.