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Let’s just start with the big stuff okay? Okay. This big, special, life-changing thing we call a wedding is huge. It’s big for you guys and I’m passionate about it too. I want to be your helper and friend— Collaborating to capture you guys as a couple and what makes your love, well, yours. Your wedding day is personal, your love is personal, and I think the best way to capture the real stuff, the moments that give you tears when you look back on them, is to let someone you trust + can be real with, capture your special moments. So let’s be friends. Really. I am so proud to call so many of my couples, friends on the day of their wedding and years later. And whoa. What a privilege I have been given!

How far do you travel for clients?
Traveling brings me so much excitement and telling your story in the place you’re passionate about is something so special to me. I value the unique connection you have to the place you call home, or the small cabin you visited as a child. Those places make documenting your love so much more special. Flights, transportation, and lodging is all I need. That being said, to the ends of the earth I will go with you and your love.

How long will I wait to receive the images?
I know you’re dying to see them, and I am dying to show you! I typically get your images back within 4 weeks or less for weddings. Couples sessions take about 3 weeks or less. Trust me, I’m anxiously ready to share them with you too but TLC takes some time, ya know? You get it.

How many images can I expect to receive?
As a photographer that loves documenting the whole story, I don’t hold back on giving you the best images to fill up your heart and bring back all those moments you don’t want to forget. I typically give 500-700 images on a wedding day and couples sessions about 60-90.

Can I print the images?
Of course! I’d love to see you have loads of prints to share with your family and look back on years from now. I always advise using a professional print lab to get the absolute best out of your images.

How do I choose what to wear?
I am here to help give you ideas and make the process easy for you. I have some things to avoid that will make you feel confident in your choice. But remember, it’s not about our outfit, it’s about you guys and your connection. Love speaks louder than your outfit.

What can I expect the session to flow like?
I love guiding you through your session in a way that allows you guys to interact and be real. I love it when you forget I’m there and show your love in such a deep way.  But don’t worry, most people aren’t filled to the brim with confidence in front of the camera and I’ll guide you along so that you can forget about posing and just be natural. Some of my favorite moments are where a couple can’t hold back and freely glance at playfully or kiss one another out of pure love.

Let’s talk investment.
Photography is an investment and your decision is one that I don’t take lightly. Wedding collections start at $2800 and portrait sessions start at $500. Weddings require a 50% non-refundable deposit.