About Danielle




Hi¬†guys! I’m Dani Nichol.
I married someone so full of life that I can’t bare not to smile when I see him. Together we have the sweetest little boy who doesn’t seem so little lately and who causes me to stop and say hi to every bird in the sky and every person who passes. A day of exploring and wandering with these two is the best day. They are so precious to me.
It’s because of those two sweet guys in my life that I value moments. I want to pursue personal connections not just the pretty. To feel intense emotions when I look back on images from past client’s sessions is really what makes my heart soar. Together, let’s create images that will give you rushes of emotions as you look back on your big moments in life. That’s what I’m crazy about and I hope you are too. So let’s just fly past the small talk, and tell me who you are. Tell me who and what you’re passionate about and let’s enjoy this adventure together.

I’m ready if you are.